About us


of design

Founded in 1989 in the province of Milan, within a few years, Sacs established itself as sector leader in the production and marketing of inflatables for pleasure boating.

This was possible thanks to the choice of excellence as a thread throughout all things,

the high expertise of professionals, the use of avant garde materials and technologies and, above all, an understanding of a new requirement: Combining the performance of a RIB with the comfort of a luxury yacht.



Every Sacs RIB is designed for the water, this to be considered as a guiding principle for each of its details, created to bring alive to a full extent the element of the sea for those owners who choose us, emphasising its merits and making navigation a comfort zone.

We are aiming at a premium segment of the market, making innovative and unique products from the points of view of design, dimensions, character and performance.


Sacs Marine

Sacs Marine Australia launched into the Australian Market at the Rose Bay Boat Show in 2014. The appeal of bringing SACS to Australia was driven by the realisation of a product that is perfectly suited to the Australian way of life. The idea of taking something inherently performance-oriented and making it into a spacious, comfortable and luxurious vessel was an attractive proposition.

We feel that RIBS are no longer just for transporting goods and guests between ship and shore, the modern day tender has to be an all-rounder in terms of style and functionality.

Yacht owners are increasing their demands for durability, versatility and individuality, the SACS brand encompassed all of this and more. SACS boats are perfect for the Australian market covering everything from overnight adventures, to daytrips for picnics, BBQ’s, skiing, and wakeboarding.

Our clients need tenders and day boats that are comfortable, finished to a high standard, easy to control, and most importantly safe and stable. SACS share these values and this is reflected throughout their range.